It was late September. The crisp wind started to blow and the mornings were more misty and more chilled. Like the spell of falls has broken and it was spreading through every inch of life present on earth. The windows were now shut in an unwelcoming way and the wind would knock on the window glass every now and then as if it were the late evening guest one was expecting…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe houses, you could see down the hill, stood in magnificent rows and glistened with warm glow of light as soon as the sun sank in the West and one could sense the fragrance of hot coco spreading in the environment and could hear the cracking of nut shells and people enjoying the taste of cashew, walnuts and peanuts!
Kids wore heavy coats and gloves and their cheeks were tinged in shade of pink and lips were cherry red! Everything and everyone seemed to be embracing the season turn and people were filling their hearts with warmth of love and affection as they sat by the fire place listening stories and enjoying the light conversations.
Everyone felt glee except her. She didn’t look much changed. The glum look did not go away. Rather she looked more pale and more cold. Lifeless as ever. The fact perhaps was that in her house the falls had lingered too long. Life had frozen to ice and cold spread in her soul… She was like that weird book with a very odd book cover and people would judge the cover first and leave, never really caring to read the profound words… large

So she was struck by a very different fall… The falls that had lingered too long…