I have no dreams

“What are you dreams?”, he wanted to know as much as possible. His curiosity had grown much much more over the time and had made him restless.
“I do not talk about my dreams.”
“But why not?”, he insisted.
“I just do not feel like it.”
“Still give it a try.”, he was pushing more than he should but he didn’t bother.
“Do you really want to know?”
“I do.”, as simple as that!
“Err… my dreams are not the fairy tale dreams usually teenagers imagine. If I put it correctly, my dreams are perhaps my life goals, anchoring me to stay in a stable position even when my days are rumbling down like the enraged waves, you see. Life is like that too.”

It was best to remain quiet and listen he knew that, because it wasn’t likely that she ever spoke about anything related to herself. But this once she chose to open up. Strange.

“I am not the type to search for riddles, like people want to know what there is to life? Its meaning and all? I just want to stay afloat and not drift with the tides crashing down somewhere I do not want to be. May be because I’ve been through it once and I do not want it to happen again?
I don’t know… its confusing..”, she trailed off.

He took a brief pause then stated, ” It is not confusing. It is very simple. Your dream is to survive in a graceful manner and live with simplest of joys without ever being intruded by calamities inflicted upon you due to decisions that may be wrong?”
Amazed at his description she added in a subdued tone, “That’s how it is…”
And they both stayed silent afterwards. She wasn’t sure if her answer was accurate but somehow she felt saying that as she really felt that way. He on the other hand was amazed on how remarkable she was… He always knew her silence and hesitation had more to it than meets the eyes..

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Where I come from

It weren’t the evenings that delighted her the most but the mornings. She was a morning person. Her favorite thing being a morning cup of coffee, a toast with cheese spread in a large amount than usual because she loved cheese and a morning news paper. No, she was not interested in the current affairs but the columns she read dearly and then she was seen drowned in books or writing reviews in her office.
She had her own office which was decorated well with antique bookshelf on the right wall which was bought from an auction and entirely her choice, a desk which was larger than any other desks in the cabins around that building and a chair with a cushion at the back to make her comfortable when she was working late. Her office had a marvelous view with tall buildings signifying the rapid modernization of the country after being nominated for the host of worldcup in the following two years! She often liked to look through the big glass window, something about the tall buildings and rapidly rushing cars on the road which had always delighted her.
She was the chief editor and was proud of it. So, it was the morning when she’d come to office earlier than the rest and there was still an hour till other people started arriving at the office, so she stood by the window again with starbuck cinnamon latte in her hand. Sipping the latte she drifted to her struggle. How satisfying it was to be standing where she stood now, the feeling that made her feel proud of herself and her choices after all!


To be Continued.