To the quiet and confusion,
both of which have been,
devouring my soul.


Falls <3


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I hear a silent call,
of the auburn fall,
it is grasping the atmosphere,
Mellow fog is spreading everywhere,
Silent night and quiet leaves,
The hush of wind, as if life ceased,
Chimneys are now ventilating smoke,
No sea breeze or sun stroke!
The season is taking turn again,
Then will come the December rain,
The leaves will turn to crisp soon,
Walks in lonely night and full moon!
Some words I’ll write on rainy days,
I’ll fall in love with the morning haze,
Some words I’ll write on the birds that’ll chime,
I’ll love cold mornings and crimson sunshine,
Coffee mug and a book to read,
I will step on the fallen leaves,
And when December will come to an end,
I’ll miss it everyday of the year again!

She was dark

She was like night,
Mysterious and dark,
So I once asked
if she’d ever felt dawn?sad-anime-girl-2-by-rediceryan2-d5hxs5e
if in her cold soul,
there ever lit some warmth?
She broke into tears!
It wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear!
But that very moment, I saw her fears!
I felt the light which once was there..

I was answered well
You see sometimes it’s not us
to choose where we dwell!!