“We do not always get what we wish for.”, he said. “We actually NEVER get what we wish for unless our wish coincides with what destiny has decided to throw at us… “


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  1. Sure…Oftentimes than not, we do not get what we wish for. I guess striving and working to see our desires/wishes come to reality informs us better, whether we truly desire those wishes or not. However, I feel destiny isn’t predestinated. It is largely made by our choices and decisions. Glad to see you back!

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    • I mean to refer to things that go in opposite direction no matter how hard we try to make them work the way we plan 😦
      I agree on the decisions part though. But don’t you think it is kind of unfair that we are left at the mercy of our choices without having a clear prospect of how they will turn out to be and just making them on the basis of probability and calculations :9
      I am glad to talk to my friend after so many days 🙂


  2. Then maybe it is providence or divinity shielding you from the (possibly) negative consequences of a seemingly good or appropriate choice. I tend to believe life is more than the physical and thus when things do not go in a planned direction, despite going above board in meeting the ‘required’ input, I take an alternative route. Sometimes, it probably was the learning experience from that failed attempt that was needed to provide some insight into an alternative path that would bring greater fulfillment to one’s life desires.

    Sometimes I feel nostalgic about childhood, largely because I didn’t have to make any choice but then life is in phases and adulthood demands responsibilities and requires that choices be made. The alternative is to have the choices made for you – a raw deal if I may remark. You can be rest assured that in many ways, the universe obeys some laws – laws like dedication to a task, constant self-improvement, love, focus, etc – and despite the uncertainty with choices, eventually things pan out relative to the choices one has previously made.

    I am also gladdened to talk (chat) with you. Possibly we could talk in the coming days…


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