The State of Being Numb

“I am not sure if I feel anything.”, she said. “Its like my soul has shut down, stopped to feel. Both sadness and happiness. I am just floating on the surface ready to embrace whatever is destined for me.

I used to be afraid of sadness. I used to fear heartache in the wake of love, I used to fear attachments, I used to fear the fall after soaring too high, I used to fear a lot. But then I experienced it all. You see, happiness ends and is followed by melancholy. Both are consecutive, so in life at one moment you are on cloud nine and at other moment you are drowning and suffocating for air and the former moment is not mere moment but eternity on its own! The only thing that helps you survive through this lengthy phase of sinking is, the memory of being on cloud nine.

So I have felt too much to feel anything for a while….”



6 thoughts on “The State of Being Numb

  1. Sorry about your loss… such is life. Still, it is better to have lived life having felt something than the alternative. Glad you are back, but I’m guessing I shouldn’t be too glad for you might soon be gone.

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    • No I am going to make a habit of being here more often because abandoning one’s hobby is not a wise decision plus I am looking for some motivation to begin writing again. I kind of keep getting distracted.
      How are you? It is so nice to come here after much time and know that your one friend is going to be around. Thanking you for that 🙂


  2. You’ve been looking for motivation for quite a while. I do write, though nothing fancy. More times than I like, I am bereft of motivation/inspiration to write, especially when I seem to have a deadline. I have come to notice that at varying times in my day, I get bursts of inspirations that make for a potentially great article, so I try to put these hazy unrefined thoughts to paper (or rather a smart device). Usually, it’s easier completing a bleary work than trying to create something beautiful from scratch. Maybe this tip might help with your quest.

    I’ve been good… the past few days have been auspicious.You are welcome… I tend to be loyal when I find something is worthwhile.

    I get the feeling you are trying to avoid your ‘loss.’ If ever you need to talk, your one friend would gladly be a friend.


    • Perhaps in a phase of life when you just look around thinking what the hell is going on, absorbing each and everything before you set free I guess. So motivational surges to pursue interests and hobbies are very less plus workaholic is another reason why I have been lagging behind in writings and blogging. It was easier when I was a student lol
      Thank you for your kind concerns, words, presence, appreciation and feedback.
      I was so glad to read one of your posts, mostly there are ads on your blog. It was the first time that I read your creation and it was really good.
      Keep writing more often.
      Kindest Regard.


  3. I didn’t get your message in your first sentence. I guess when you do have more spare time, you’d churn out more posts. You seem to love writing so I’d advice you make out some time for it. For me writing (or better put, commenting) tends to be pleasurable.

    You are always welcome.

    I don’t run a blog. Too lazy to write consistently I guess. I have only completed about three and a half articles so I’m not so much of a writer I guess. I do have a number of unfinished articles on my system, also trying to get my autobiography started. is where you’d find my articles, they are under the same name I use in commenting.


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