She still remembered the time when they both were enough for each other. She took care of his battles and was always by his side while he knew that whenever he needed, his sister would always be having his back. That was how strong they had been and she strongly believed that though distance and people may have come in between she could ascend fearlessly forward because she knew that if she ever tripped her brother would be there for. Right on time. Right when she needed him the most.

She recalled how once in childhood her cousin broke her doll and he saved his allowance to get her a new one though he wanted to buy a transformer car. And how they fought over winning the race and he always cheated and she pretended to let him win in the board games because she loved to see him tease her over his victory. She was happy in his success, whether she lost or not. She succeeded when he did and that was enough.

Life took its toll over them and they grew up fighting and smiling, teasing and chasing, together until their paths differed. The course of life changed for her and his life took different turns and they parted on their ways moving towards the opportunities, fulfilling their dreams and chasing their aims. She never settled. She had her postings from city to city over the last twelve years. In the race of life she missed the good old times, when there were no responsibilities but more of innocence and carefree leisure.

They met only once at his reception however, she was in a hurry and was on board as soon as their vows ended. Work was important. But she did make sure to be present on the most important step of her brother’s life. He understood and was okay with it.

And here she sat now in the cafe, waiting to meet her brother after such a long span. He called her last night to inform her that he had come on vacations with his children to Alaska and wanted to meet her. He did not complain of anything. Just that as soon as he arrived in Alaska she became the priority and that was enough. She was playing the memories back and thinking when her shoulder was tapped by a light hand. She looked around to see a 4 year old girl standing beside her smiling, wearing a pink frock and pony tail. Her features were same as hers. What a remarkable resemblance! The little girl spoke, ” Hello Aunt Jane!” and leaped forward for a hug. She instantly responded and picked the child up in her lap. She looked around and there he was. Her little brother, 6 ft tall with a beard and in a nicely cut and stitched navy blue coat having a baby of roughly 8 months old in his hand while his wife approached her with a warm smile.

This reunion was perhaps one of the perfect moments in all those long years. The evening flied, she accompanied them to her humble residence later on.


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  1. Okay, these lovely pieces of writing you are dropping back to back, don’t go whetting my appetite and then leave me hanging. I’m guessing there is a sequel, the story doesn’t seem to be quite finished.


  2. I don’t like ‘incomplete’. Lemme take the initiative and add my own ending…..hehehe!

    On her way home, she got thinking about family and more about having children of her own. Little did she know that the coming days were going to bequeath her with surprises far beyond her imagination. A few days into his arrival, her brother, John had a business meeting with a client who was probably the most important client of his organization. The meeting turned out to be quite productive for both parties and importantly, also casual. Casual enough for the client to come to Jane’s house a few days later with presents for John’s kids. Her beauty held his gaze for the one hour he spent at her house. He had intended to spend twenty minutes, but her companionship proved to be a better use of his time and probably, the remaining part of his lifetime.

    A few dates down the line, he was convinced that she is the one. Not the one often speculated by people but one he could share his fears with, one he could truly be himself with, one who he wanted become better for and importantly, one he was ready to love all the days of his life. Exactly one year from John’s arrival date from the fortuitous vacation, Jane and Jared were joined in holy matrimony in the church she had dreamed of getting married in. Her niece serving as the chief and only bridesmaid, John was elated to serve as Jared’s best-man, he had resigned his former job to set up a thriving company with Jared. In that moment just before she kissed Jared, she couldn’t help but be grateful for the bond that existed between her and John for he had moved heaven and earth to make this day a special one for her and Jared. When she kissed Jared, it opened a new world for her – a world that saw the next sixty years of her life loving the one man that gave her life a whole new meaning, a world that saw her birth four adorable children, twelve grandchildren and still counting, a world that saw her bond with John grow to lengths that defied normal explanations. A world that held its essence in family.

    PS: I know my write-up is a bit corny. Some of us aren’t gifted at doing this.

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